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Tahmidur Rahman Remura is the Bangladesh Partner to many key International Legal Networks and work with various Law Firms across the world to provide global reach to our clients’ business. Weincreasingly work on huge potential opportunities for our Clients globally in USA Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific Region & African markets.

Tahmidur Rahman Remura‘s International Network is strengthened by the extensive experience and Legal Expertise of the team members along with strong sectorial experience majorly in the following countries:

Algeria  Belgium  Brazil  Brunei  Bulgaria  Côte D’Ivoire  Costa Rica  Colombia  Cambodia  Czech Republic  China  Denmark  Dominican Republic  El Savador  Egypt  France  Germany  Guatemala  Greece  Hongkong  Honduras  Hungary  Ireland  Indonesia  Luxembourg  Laos  Lithuania  Lativa  Malaysia  Maracco  Myanmar  Nigeria  Nicaragua  Portugal  Peru  Phillippines  Poland  Romania  Singapore  Spain  Scotland  Switzerland  Slovakia  The Natherland  Tunisia  Turkey  Thailand  United States  United Kingdom  Vietnam  Zambia

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