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When it comes to facilitating the client’s commercial operations in a seamless manner, our team of expert lawyers, who come from a variety of practice areas and industry verticals, understand the client’s need for a prompt response and expert legal counsel. Tahmidur Rahman Remura has been assisting its national and international patrons in Bangladesh in its many areas of practice.

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The firm advises foreign companies in Bangladesh on legal, policy, commercial, and regulatory matters; negotiates transactions and contract compliance and approvals; and manages dispute resolution matters.


Barrister Tahmidur Rahman, Barrister Remura Mahbub, Advocate Syed Wahud are distinguished lawyers who has garnered consistent respect throughout a decade-long professional career. All of them are outstanding litigators with a formidable reputation for their experience in resolving disputes. In addition to shareholder and insolvency-related disputes, they provide counsel on constitutional issues and high-profile cases before the Supreme Court and numerous High Courts.


In the management of corporate-commercial disputes, they have consistently exhibited exceptional legal expertise. They have extensive experience in international arbitration, including representing multinational corporations in arbitrations involving Bangladeshi clients and enforcing arbitral awards before Bangladeshi tribunals. Numerous Advocates have requested their opinions and arguments before the Hon’ble courts.

Barrister Tahmidur has a history of representing domestic and international clients in upscale M&A transactions, in addition to his expertise in conflict resolution. He is a visionary and has guided a team of competent professionals. In addition to advising clients on General Corporate and Commercial law, he specializes in strategic advisory for leading transactional practice in M&A and PE, as well as advising clients on General Corporate and Commercial law.

Consistently involved in merger & acquisitions and investments of significant size and significance, he has advised on a number of high-profile deals involving strategic opportunities and acquisitions in India.
Clients have consistently acknowledged and praised Tahmidur’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to attaining the best possible results.

He takes a customized approach to each case and collaborates closely with clients to determine their objectives and requirements. He is renowned for his ability to rapidly evaluate a situation and devise an approach that maximizes the likelihood of success.
Alongside his legal practice, He is also an accomplished author, having written numerous books on diverse subjects such as Indian elections, epics, and penal law. His writing has received widespread acclaim for its clarity, insight, and unconventional approach.


His writing consistently inspires and captivates his audience. His articles are renowned for their thought-provoking themes, and he has a knack for constructing immersive and unforgettable worlds that captivate readers from beginning to end. In addition to his narrative abilities, he is renowned for his ability to address complex and contentious legal issues with insight and sensitivity in his writing.

Regularly invited to speak at conferences in Bangladesh and abroad, he has a talent for presenting multiple perspectives and inspiring audiences to think critically about the world around them. He has represented Bangladesh before the United Nations and has a keen interest in international and domestic politics, the evolution of the global economy, and the global regulatory framework.

He has successfully advised multiple governments on policy matters and overseen their implementation.



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