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Top Corporate Lawyers

 Barrister.com.bd employs some of the finest corporate lawyers in Dhaka to provide its spectrum of advisory, liaison, and compliance/governance-related services.

The firm’s specializations include company law, banking and finance, family business, corporate and commercial law, capital market, RIETs and INVITs, making it one of the leading corporate law firms in Dhaka.

Labour and Employment law

Employment Law practice is one of the most sought-after law firms in Dhaka due to its reputation for providing organizations with practical and proactive advisory services that optimize the balance between organizational goals and individual aspirations.

Intellectual property law

The firm’s IPR practice is up to par, positioning it among the top IPR law firms in Dhaka. The firm’s capabilities include a vast multitude of practices, such as Designs, Copyrights, and Trademarks, amongst others. In addition, it is one of Dhaka’s few premier media and entertainment law firms.

Real Estate law

In Real Estate Law, we are one of the leading law firms in Dhaka, because the Real Estate practice at Barrister.com.bd provides a wide range of services, from due diligence to compliances. The team collaborates closely with other practice areas such as tax, renewable energy, etc. to provide a comprehensive service to its clients, positioning it at the top of the prestigious list of law firms in Dhaka for Real Estate-related legal services.

Leading the revolution in the legal Arena of Bangladesh

Modern and Tech driven law firm in Bangladesh

A technology lawyer must be able to compose contracts such as the Software licensing agreement, the Outsourcing agreement, and the Standard distributor licensing agreement, which are frequently used in technology companies. In addition, he must be able to incorporate clauses and draft contracts that are unique to the technology industry, as well as negotiate agreements.


The elite company lawyers of our firm specializes in structuring technology-related transactions in Bangladesh. In addition to providing counsel on regulatory and commercial contracting matters, they also represent clients before the appropriate authorities.


The Bangladeshi law firm has both domestic and international facilities in Dubai, Atlanta, and Jeddah. Specially, the Tahmidur Rahman Remura law firm has extensive knowledge of cloud computing, data privacy, and e-commerce. They have also assisted the telecom industry in structuring bandwidth and implementing VoIP.


Tax lawyers in Bangladesh

The Tax vertical team at Barrister.com.bd is comprised of industry specialists and corporate lawyers in Dhaka who offer a comprehensive range of legal solutions to address their clients’ local and international Tax requirements in order to optimize their business objectives, making Barrister.com.bd one of the leading law firms in Dhaka.

Investment law firm in Bangladesh

Barrister.com.bd is one of the few law firms in Dhaka to provide a complete fund advisory and consulting service. Its expert services in Project Finance, debt structuring and restructuring, private equity, venture capital P2P funding, etc., place it on par with the leading law firms in Dhaka.

Renewable Energy law in Bangladesh

In the sector of Renewable Energy law in Bangladesh, Barrister.com.bd is one of the few law firms in Fort Dhaka to offer a diverse, cross-functional renewable energy team with comprehensive, in-depth experience ranging from the establishment of energy projects to consulting and advice on project and equipment financing in Indian and foreign currency.

Dispute Resolution law firm in Bangladesh

In addition to being one of the top corporate law firms in Dhaka, Barrister.com.bd also has a formidable Dispute resolution team. It utilizes the talents of its Dhaka-based lawyers  across all forums, including the Bombay High Court, district courts, and tribunals, among others.

Mergers and Acquistions in Bangladesh

Barrister.com.bd Dhaka’s M&A team provides advice on the complete spectrum of public and private M&A transactions, with demonstrated expertise in complex cross-border deals, domestic transactions, and strategic joint ventures, making it one of the most sought-after law firms in Dhaka for M&A advisory and consultancy.

Infrastructure and Energy law firm in Bangladesh

Barrister.com.bd’s Infrastructure and Energy practice is on par with the best law firms in Dhaka due to its carefully crafted range of services, from pre-bid support to assistance in banking and finance matters, extended to key government agencies and private sector players.


Success Stories

The law firm in Bangladesh is respected for its quality of service and has frequently received great feedback from its clients.

The Government, Regulatory, and Compliance vertical of the Firm is comprised of a multi-professional team of lawyers   and accountants with decades of experience in legal compliance implementation in the country, making it one of the most consistent and comprehensive legal firms in Dhaka.

Barrister.com.bd best barristers in Bangladesh

Debra Biswas

Area Manager, Beximco Pharma

Competent and Punctual lawyers from Bangladesh

Barrister Tahmidur Rahman Remura is the ideal law firm to rely on for assistance with global intellectual property-related concerns and media companies. The legal team possesses a unique set of specialized skills that perfectly match the IP industry.

Barrister.com.bd best lawyers in Bangladesh

Obayed Ullah

Senior Sales Manager

Constant Dedication from the team

I would recommend Tahmidur Remura Wahid | TRW Law Firm for their legal services. They are a reliable option, providing sound legal advice and support throughout the legal process. With their expertise and commitment, they have the potential to deliver satisfactory outcomes for their clients.

Barrister.com.bd best advocates in Bangladesh

Fahad Khan

HR, MGH Group

Perfection Went Above

My experiences with TRW Law firm were fantastic; they are energetic, comprehensive, strategic, one step ahead. These people understand their craft and hike the extra mile for you. I consulted and worked with TRW on several occasions, and each was handled with utmost care and professionalism. I also enjoyed working with people who care for you personally rather than just taking you as a “case. ” Highly recommend

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