Database Protection under Copyright Law in Bangladesh

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In the realm of intellectual property, the protection of Database Protection in Bangladesh under copyright law has become a vital component.

This is due to the fact that it is a crucial component in fostering innovation and ensuring that competition is conducted in an equitable manner. Throughout the course of this article, the more nuanced aspects of database protection are analyzed.

Additionally, the legal framework, essential principles, and the repercussions of copyright law in relation to database protection are investigated.

The Legal Framework of Database Protection in Bangladesh

Copyright Act of Bangladesh

The Copyright Act is the primary legal framework that safeguards databases in Bangladesh, serving as one of the several legal frameworks that regulate intellectual property rights in the country.

According to the terms of this legislation, databases may be eligible for copyright protection provided they fulfill certain conditions.

These requirements include the databases being original, creative, and needing a particular level of intellectual labor before they can be protected.

Definition of a Database Protection

Within the framework of Bangladesh’s copyright law, the definition of what precisely constitutes a database is of the highest significance.

It is common practice for the law to describe a database as a collection of data that has been gathered or exhibited in a methodical fashion. A large investment of time, effort, and financial resources is often required in order to create a proper database.

Key Principles of Database Protection

Originality and Creativity

A database must be original in order to be eligible for copyright protection in Bangladesh. This protection is awarded to databases that meet the requirements.

Originality is a term that is used to describe the innovative decisions and arrangements that were made and carried out in relation to the selection and organization of the data that was included within the database.

Substantial Investment

It is possible for copyright protection to extend to databases that involve a large investment of resources, regardless of whether or not the database in question is an original creation.

A step like this respects the labor that the author has done as well as the financial commitments that they have made in order to gather, verify, and show the information in a manner that is unique.

Implications for Database Owners

Exclusive Rights

Those individuals in Bangladesh who are in possession of databases that are protected by copyright are granted the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, display, and create derivative works based on the database.

The provision of these exclusive rights results in the establishment of a legal framework that enables the administration of the database as well as the profit realized from its use.

Duration of Protection

Despite the fact that copyright protection grants exclusive rights, the duration of protection is not for an indefinite amount of time. It is of the utmost importance to retain this mentality.

Databases are typically protected in Bangladesh for a certain period of time, after which some of the information contained within them may be made available to the general public.

Database Access and Use Lawful Access

In order to get access to or make use of protected databases, users and rivals are required to conform with the legal framework that is outlined in copyright law.

In light of the fact that unlawful access or use may result in legal penalties, it is impossible to exaggerate the necessity of complying to copyright limitations.

Fair Use and Limitations

One of the most essential components is the concept of fair use, which imposes some limitations on the exclusive rights of the person who owns the database.

By taking these steps, a balance is maintained between the protection of intellectual property and the public interest in accessing and making use of information. This balance is maintained owing to the measures.

Challenges and EnforcementDatabase Security

When it comes to database security, one of the ongoing challenges that is involved with it is making sure that the database itself is secure.

It is necessary to implement strict security measures and maintain regular monitoring in order to successfully limit the risks connected with unauthorized access, data breaches, and other sorts of infringement.

Enforcement Mechanisms of Database Protection

Bangladesh utilizes legislative measures in order to guarantee that strict adherence to database protection standards is maintained.

In the event that protected databases are accessed, utilized, or replicated without authority, owners have recourse to a wide range of legal remedies that they might pursue. For example, injunctions and damages are included in these remedies.

Future Developments and Global Alignment

Evolving Technologies

As technology continues to improve, it is predicted that emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, will provide new difficulties and opportunities. As a result, the legal framework for database security in Bangladesh is likely to evolve to accommodate these new challenges and opportunities.

International Harmonization

There is the potential for establishing harmony with the conventions that are prevalent all across the globe in the future. It is possible to obtain two advantages by aligning the database protection regulations of Bangladesh with worldwide standards.

The first benefit is that it will facilitate international cooperation, and the second benefit is that it will ensure a uniform approach to intellectual property rights.


The dynamic intersection of legal principles, originality requirements, and the constant issues presented by technology developments is what characterizes the notion of copyright protection for databases in Bangladesh.

During the time that the nation is navigating this environment, it is essential for it to find a middle ground between the rights of database owners and the wider community interest in accessing and making use of information.

The continued development of technology and the efforts being made to achieve international harmonization are likely to have an impact on the future path of database protection in Bangladesh under copyright law. There is a strong possibility that this will be the case.

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